Create an affiliate marketing strategy that sells!

I'm going to help you take the guesswork out of establishing an
amazing passive income stream...

Even if you’re allergic to writing copy, your email list & sales funnel is a “work in progress”,
and the idea of having to sell has you stuttering your words.


Opportunities for affiliate marketing are EVERYWHERE...

  • Your shampoo, vitamins, and favorite cup of morning joe
  • Clothes from that great shopping delivery service
  • Appliances, gadgets, and apps
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Masterminds and courses
  • Even the platform this page was built on!
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And There Are Two BIG Reasons
Affiliate Marketing Is Skyrocketing …

1. Advertising is expensive.  

2. Affiliate marketing allows
your biggest fans to do
the selling
for you -
for FREE!


You see, companies LOVE affiliate marketers,
especially the good ones who come across as authentic
because they actually use their products.


Some companies reward their affiliates with HUGE payouts
and even supply you with shareable content!


I’m talking about companies like ConvertKit and Beaver Builder
which provide valuable ongoing services and helpful resources like training webinars and email sequence swipe files.

If you can write an affiliate blog post that introduces your readers to one of these products, the same way you’d introduce it to a friend ...

Then YOU have the potential to earn many, many times MORE than almost anyone is with their affiliate marketing attempts.

I wrote just one post that helped transform my business. It helped bring my affiliate income from $0 to $1k in just six months.

Now I've created an income safety net that pays out every month. And I can promote and add to that with just a few hours every month.

I've helped my coaching clients and course students profit from affiliate marketing...

And talked to many more...

And NOW I'm sharing the same steps and content I use in my exclusive private coaching with you in my course designed to make you profit...



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I'm revealing the affiliate content strategy that's already making hundreds and thousands of dollars for myself and my clients.


In this comprehensive course, you're going to get the knowledge you need to put a profitable affiliate offer into place right away.


You'll know what to do at every step along the way... from person-to-person networking, to your content upgrade, and your email sequence.


You'll have a plan to carry you through an entire year of affiliate content marketing... so you can continue to grow your income without limits.

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Inspiration for a mindset transformation that destroys barriers to selling - we're going to bust through fear and bad stereotypes. 


Guidance for choosing the right products to promote - so affiliate sales feels like a natural extension of what you already do!


And guides, videos, checklists, templates, and personal will help you get started selling write away.

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Discover the strategy that TRANSFORMED my business with affiliate income.

Choose 3 core offers and discover how to prioritize your content for the greatest profits.

Find out why good affiliate marketing is NOT sleazy selling - so you can enjoy doing it with pride.

Open your mind to just how easy it is to monetize your life and business.

Blast through mindset issues and stop holding yourself back from the income you deserve.

"It got me over the hump and fear to start." - Ruth

Empower yourself to sell without fear, and avoid the spam-bots by being you.

Take a peak at my winning affiliate email sequence and put your affiliate sales funnel in place right away with templates I've created.

Learn the secrets of friendly social networking and share your expertise in a way that pays.

Take a look at my freebie and get inspiration so you can create your own irresistible offer that unlocks the door to profits.

Understand affiliate marketing and passive income, even if you don't consider yourself digital savvy.

There is absolutely no risk to you. I am certain this course will help you create a profitable, more passive-ish income stream. To that end, I am offering a FULL guarantee.

If after 30 days of purchasing this course, you use all the tools and videos, and STILL feel like you have not gained valuable help or insights, just let me know, and you'll receive a FULL, 100% refund.