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Grab Your Digital Strategy Made Easy Bundle


If you're a web designer, digital marketer, coach of any kind, virtual assistant, or online business manager...

Digital Strategy Made Easy can help you go from stalled to stellar in just a few short months.

The strategy teaches you….

  • How to maximize your earning potential.
  • How to layer offers to existing clients.
  • How to increase sales call conversions with potential client calls.
  • PLUS gives you access to amazing tools and resources that will help make you more efficient, productive, and professional with your services.
  • AND a complete sales funnel template to customize, and an email sequence swipe file.


April Lewis is a digital and affiliate marketing consultant helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with their strategy, creating recurring passive income streams.

April transformed her business, taking her monthly affiliate income from zero to $4k in just under 9 months. Now she helps coaching client and course students achieve so much more with on target strategy and customized marketing plans for their businesses.

Learn more at www.aprildlewis.com.